Reset or Fix Printer PIXMA MP140 Error 27 Waste Ink Absorber Full

1. Matikan Suis Printer
2. Tekan dan tahan Butang Power dan Buntang Stop/Reset. Hidupkan Suis Printer sedang kedua-dua butang masih di tekan.
3. Lepaskan butang Stop/Reset dan tekan 4 kali secara perlahan-lahan. (Note: And akan mendapati lampu setting akan menyala ketika menekan butang Stop/Reset)
4. Matikan Printer dan Hidupkan Kembali
5. Ulang semula jika tidak berjaya

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or, you can try this....

Reset E27 Waste ink absorber full or platen waste ink absorber full for Mp140

turn off printer.
- put your finger and hold on/off with reset/stop button together
- turn on printer power switch
- release on/off button but in the same time still hold stop/reset button and then press on/off button again and hold.
- wait at the moment
- relese stop/reset button 2X.( your will see alarm led blinking for 2X)
- relese on/off button.
wait until your printer digital screen shows number 0.
- after printer panel screen shows number 0.
- press reset button 4x
- press on/off button 1x
wait until your hear printer roller is moving
after your hear roller moving, wait until your dont hear anything from your printer :)
then turn off and turn on your printer again and your will see your printer back to normal.
Ok world...Good luck

hopefully this can helped to solve your problems.

source : http://www.fixya.com/support/r5317485-true_guide_reset_ink_tank_absober_full


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