How to reset Canon MP287 error P07 or P08

I've tried several tutorials online but unfortunately it didn't resolve the problem because of the resetter program which is not compatible to the printer.  So here's how to do it,

1. First, Turn off the printer
2. After turning OFF, press and Hold the STOP button at the same time Press and hold the Power button
3. Release the STOP button ( Don't release the Power button )
4. Press the STOP button  6 times.
5. Release the Power button
6.It will display/show black.

Now it will set the printer into service mode. If something will popup to install your printer, just ignore it, and click cancel.

The next thing to do is to download the Service Tool for Canon MP287 printer. Click here

After you have successfully downloaded the program, just  follow the steps shown on the image below.
Reset Canon MP287
In my case after I clicked the set button of Clear Ink Counter : Absorber-main, and restart the printer it solves the error P07 and can now print. Just perform a deep cleaning for 3-5 times to set the printer into a good quality printing.

Netbook EePC - Tak boleh ON.

Bila on, hanya lampu LED yamg menyala. Skrin gelap dan kipas CPU tak berputar. Chip processor ONBOARD.

Kasi bersih kipas cpu, reflow display chip dan chip processor. Test run, Alhamdulillah ok.

Laptop Dell - Check Keyboard

Keyboard keypad rosak sbb overheat drp mobo. Bukak mobo, check kipas cpu. Penuh habuk melekat kat heatskink.

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