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PC/Laptop Service Package 2014

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Printer Canon Pixma MP258 – Error P08

First time, I found the problem Canon Pixma MP258 printer will not print from the cpu or the Copy Scan and P08 are the error messages on the printer panel. I could maybe try to reset, e turned out to be, then I created to copy directly, it was also error.
I've lost both cartridges, the ink was discharged, directly, I refill the black  and a colorcartridge. Then I do a test print and the result is smooth and good wow.

If this error P08 does not clear, please 
Follow the instructions step by step

1. Turn off printer, cable power still plug in,
2. Press Stop/Reset button  don't release
3. Press Power Button don't release and than release Stop/Reset button
4. Press Stop/Reset button 2X and than release Power Button, wait until service mode to " 0 "
5. Turn off printer, cable power still plug in
6. Press Stop/Reset button  don't release
7. Press Power Button don't release and than release Stop/Reset button
8. Press Stop/Reset button 4X and than release Power Button, wait until service mode to " 1 "
9. Turn off printer, and loose cable power, wait one minute.
10. Connect cable power, turn on printer again, now this printer ready to use.

Operation Panel
(1) ON button / Power lamp
Turns the power on or off. Before turning on the power, make sure that the Document Cover is closed.
(2) LED (Light Emitting Diode)
Displays the number of copies, Maintenance code, or operational status such as an error code.
(3) [+] button
Specifies the number of copies.
(4) Ink lamps
Light or flash orange when ink runs out, etc. The lamp on the left indicates the Color FINE Cartridge status and the lamp on the right indicates the Black FINE Cartridge status.
(5) Paper button
Selects the page size and media type.
(6) SCAN button
Starts scanning the original to save it on the computer.
(7) Stop/Reset button
Cancels operations. You can also press this button to cancel a print, copy, or scan job in progress.
(8) Color button*
Starts color copying. You can also press this button to finalize your selection for the setting item.
(9) Black button*
Starts black & white copying. You can also press this button to finalize your selection for the setting item.
(10) Fit to Page button / Fit to Page lamp
Enables the Fit-to-Page copy function. You can copy the original automatically enlarged or reduced to fit the selected page size. When the Fit-to-Page copy function is disabled, you can make copies in the same size as the original.
(11)  (Maintenance) button
Specifies the Maintenance code.
(12) Paper lamp
Lights to indicate the page size and media type selected with the Paper button.
(13) Alarm lamp
Lights or flashes orange when an error occurs, such as paper-out or ink-out.
In the software applications or manuals, the Black and Color buttons are collectively called the "Start" or "OK" button.

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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Reset error E08 untuk printer Canon MP258

E08 adalah error yang disebabkan limit print dari head sudah mencapai 2000 lembar, yang biasanya printer minta di reset…

berikut ada langkah2 nya

Cara 1 :
1. Printer dalam keadaan mati dan kabel listrik terpasang.
2. Tekan Tombol STOP/RESET dan tahan, kemudian tekan tombol POWER dan tahan.
3. Tombol POWER masih ditekan, lepas tombol STOP/RESET, kemudian tekan tombol STOP/RESET 2 x dalam keadaan tombol power masih ditekan.
4. Lepas kedua tombol secara bersamaan.
5. Printer akan berproses beberapa saat (agak lama), kemudian LCD Panel akan menunjukkan angka NOL (0)
6. Komputer akan mendeteksi DEVICE BARU, Abaikan saja …..
7. Keadaan ini menunjukkan printer MP258 dalam keadaan SERVICE MODE dan siap direset.

Kemudian download software nya disini DI SINI

1. Exctract File Resetter MP258.
2. Siapkan 2 kertas di printer (ini untuk print pada waktu proses reset)
3. Jalankan program Resetter MP258.

Klik “MAIN”, maka printer akan berproses, kemudian MP258 akan print satu halaman dengan tulisan ” D=000.0 “

Klik ” EEPROM Clear “.

Kemudian klik ” EEPROM “, dan printer akan print hasil Resetter MP258. Salah satu barisnya adalah sebagai berikut : “TPAGE(TTL=00000 COPY=00000)”

Matikan Printer dengan menekan tombol POWER.

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