Laptop randomly turns off

This is often due to:
  • AC power adapter sensing an overload of power drain
  • Overheating processor due to a build of internal dust (clogged fan)
  • AC power adapter not able to sustain normal power needs (faulty power adapter)
  • Battery overheating, due to internal battery fault, or charging levels
  • Intermittent short circuit or open connection (check condition of power leads)
On older Laptops, the most common reason is poor cooling. Try going somewhere air-conditioned and see if that helps. Inspect the areas near the internal cooling fan; see if there is a build up of dust fibers. Easy way to check this; with the unit running, feel the flow of air from the cooling outlet(s) - is the airflow very low? If yes, and the unit is at normal operation temperature, this may indicate the internal cooling system is partially clogged.

Read more: http://www.pbcomp.com.au/laptop-notebook-troubleshoot.html#ixzz1XS5ZKXDg

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